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                  Exotic Zombie Wood Products

                        Hand crafted pollen boxes


Happy Holidays! 

Due to the OVERWHELMING number of orders we have received in the last 2 days,

we will be unable to get any new orders delivered before Christmas. 

We will return to our regular 1-2 week delivery time after the New Year! 

You may continue to place orders during this time, however delivery will be delayed until after January 8th.

Thank you for your patience and patronage! 


                                          Whether you spell it keif, keef, kief, or kif,

                                                                 this box collects it!

                      Many people are familiar with using a grinder to collect your kief,

                                                                       but then you destroy your plant. 


                                                 Tsk tsk tsk.  What a waste when you can have both!


These boxes are sometimes referred to as pollen boxes, shaker boxes, kief boxes, and more.

They are to be used for plant pollen collection for gardening purposes only.  Any other use is not condoned or suggested.

Exotic Zombie will not be held liable for any illegal use of this product.






Exotic Zombie kief boxes are made of the finest quality wood right here in California.  We don't import a cheap box from China or outsource our labor to India.  Each kief box is handcrafted to order.  Exotic Zombie has been making our kief boxes for over ten years.  In that time we have never had to replace a kief box or a screen.  Our kief boxes are so durable that you once you lock them, you can toss them to a buddy and nothing falls out or apart.  Check out the links to the left to learn how a kief box works and why Exotic Zombie kief boxes are the best.  You don't have to grind your buds.  Just use the kief box like you would a baggie.  Everything you normally lose in the bag will sift through and stick to the glass catch plate below.  Have quantity?  Trim over an open box to catch anything that falls off.  We have been checking out some reviews on various forums and appreciate all the positive feedback!  Any reviews that you put into the web world, helps us out a ton!  If you haven't seen our kief boxes in action, we have a great video review.  If you want to know why our kief boxes are better, check out the Why Choose Zombie link.  We have tons of pictures of past kief boxes, and are even willing to do some customization of your kief box.  We can do inlays or etching for a small fee.  What other kief box company does that?  Buy one and see for yourself how great Exotic Zombie kief boxes really are.