Customize your Exotic Zombie kief box!


Because our kief boxes are hand crafted to order, they can be customized!  We can build in a mirrored lid and/or catch plate, etch a mirrored or glass lid, or add an inlay of a different type of wood.  Check out the pictures below for an idea of what we can do.  Don't let this limit your imagination!  Contact us with ideas or questions.



We started offering mirrored lids for the Seattle Hempfestival back in 2004 and began etching lids in 2006.  You can view some of our festival pictures here.  Be on the lookout for new and exciting kief box offerings in the future!

We have hundreds of fonts on file, several image layouts already prepared, or we can work with a design that you come up with.  Whatever look you are going for with your kief box, we can help you create it! There is a price difference for custom pieces, usually based on the material variation and extra build time.  Once you contact us with your idea and we agree on the plan, we can determine the price prior to your ordering your custom kief box. 





We even built a box for Tommy Chong!  It was presented to him at one of his annual visits to Mary Jane's House of Glass in Vancouver, WA.  It is a black walnut box with a red oak inlay around the side, and his name etched into the glass on top.


Because we sandblast the etching, some of the fine details of an image are limited, but contact us and we'll work something out.  What you see above is just a limited portion of what is available!  The pictures shown here don't do the mirrored lids any justice.  It's difficult to take photos of mirror because of the reflection and the flash back. 



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